Brian Coffman, AIA LEED AP, has followed his passion for design across three continents during his 15+ years of practice. His architectural career took him from Ohio to Germany and Spain, before joining A359 in 2011. He currently lives and works remotely for the firm from Rabat, Morocco collaborating daily with the Cincinnati office.

Brian enjoys juggling the many aspects of architectural work including business development, 3D modeling, construction detailing and site visits. He applies his LEED design skills to his thinking on every project. Always the kid who drew in his notebooks at school, he delights in imagining creative solutions to architectural puzzles.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Architecture in 2004, he worked for an architecture firm in Dusseldorf, Germany. Several years later he worked in Spain while earning his license at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Brian’s international experience also influences his designs, which he strives to imbue with authentic local character.

Inspired by the writings of the samurai Musashi, Brian takes a direct and pragmatic approach to everything in life. Learning to surf allows him to clear his head, and Brian enjoys getting design feedback from his young daughter.

Cincinnati Architecture firm A359 Coffman

Brian Coffman, AIA, LEED AP
Architect and Partner at A359

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