Architecture Projects Under Construction

Faith Presbyterian Church

The congregation of Faith Presbyterian Church commissioned A359 Partners in Architecture to design an addition to provide a gathering space and classrooms for its growing congregation.

Our design includes a 10,000-square-foot new building arranged as a collection of interconnected pavilions. The scope includes a fellowship hall, kitchen and a series of learning spaces. 

Mariemont Village Hall

A359 Partners in Architecture designed a 2,500-square-foot cultural center addition to the existing municipal building in Mariemont, Ohio.

The community will use the space to display Native American artifacts excavated from within the village.

The artifacts, dating from approximately 1400 -1650 A.D., were uncovered in a series of archeological digs dating back to the 1870s, but have never been on display in the village.  The new facility provides a dedicated space for the artifacts to be accessible to the public.

For this architectural project, the two-story addition was carefully integrated into the highly symmetrical Georgian styled administration building, and was detailed with complementary building materials.

The project’s design features the incorporation of abundant natural light to highlight the artifacts. Adjacent to the new exhibit area, the council chambers were renovated with new furnishings and finishes, providing a multi-use space for educational programming and lectures.